Sunday, January 31, 2010

Preaching to the Choir

Dear Charlie,

I'm in choir. Well, that's not specific enough, let me clarify... I'm in three choirs, piano lessons, and a musical. I'll go into more details,

Youth Band - Kinda like a church choir for teens.

Adult Choir - The director of music for our church let me join the adult choir, which is really fun.

Children's Choir - This is the choir that I got to go to Italy to sing with. We have very complex music, and someow make it work. Our uniforms, unfortunately, are navy skirts, white oxford shirts, (wait for it...) a red blazer, (wait for it...) and a rainbow tie.

Piano/Voice/Sometimes Guitar Lessons - I've been taking piano since 1st grade, and over time added more instruments.

Musical - I made the school's musical, and am part of the Company (which is what they call the back up singers). I'm only in one rehearsal this month. But hey, it's better than nothing.

So, that's most of my music things. Although I absolutely love doing all of this, and wouldn't quit any of this, it does kind of put other things out of the question. For example, I can't do sports because I have all these practices on weekdays, and concerts on some weekends. But it's ok (choir's a sport, right?).

Oh, and I got to do a blog takeover at my mom's blog: Click Here


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  1. Oh, you forgot to mention that you were also a Straight - "A" student at a college prep high school! You are AWESOME!