Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dear Charlie,

Last night I was asked who my hero was. And for a moment I could honestly not think of anyone.

Who has helped shaped me into who I am today?

Who continues to lead me on, when I'm too weak to move another step?

Who saves me in every way, big and small?

If I answer any of these truthfully, I'll be listing every single person I've ever talked to. But after thinking, I was able to come up with my biggest heroes...

My hero is my mom, who's taught me that in life you can never change the way anyone reacts, only your own reactions.
My hero is my dad, who taught me that nothing in life is free, everything comes at some price, but a little deal-searching never hurts.
My hero is my brother, who never takes no for an answer and can always break the shell I hide in.
My heroes are our priests, who sacrificed everything for their Faith, and help me continue to grow in mine.
My heroes are every one of my friends, who knock sense in me whenever I go insane... which is a daily occurance.

My hero is God, who's love put me into existance, and continues to shape me into who I am this day.

I usually worry about what will happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. But worrying never got anyone anywhere. Matters placed in our own hands never follow through all that well. All it takes is trust, I trust that God will take me where He wants me, and give me heroes to pull me up everytime I fall.



  1. Bethany...this is the loveliest thing I've read in a very long time. You want to know a secret? You are my hero as well! For this life's journey has been possible because of your unconditional love, support, prayers, and ever abiding faith in our dear Lord. Love you!

  2. Wow I know that your parents and brother are very proud of you!! You sound like you are an awesome friend too!!

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